My music has its roots in the fertile soil of the 1960’s and 1970’s. The soundtrack to my life was supplied by my family. My father, a Dixieland jazz and blues trumpet player, toured with his hero and mentor, Sydney Bechet, while emulating the sound of his idol and friend, Louis Armstrong. You hear in my music much of that influence, in the striving for authenticity in every note, and in the fabric of the ensemble. He taught me how to play the blues, and most importantly, how to listen. My mother, who received her master’s degree from Berkeley in the late 60’s, showed me the genius of Dylan, the depth of Leadbelly and Odetta, Guthrie and Seeger, but most importantly, she presented the universe to me in the form of the Beatles. Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper’s…portals to a more significant way of life. Later, with my discovery of Jimi Hendrix, came an unbearable need to express myself on guitar. With my 1980 trip to Lewiston, Maine, and my first Grateful Dead show, I discovered a myriad of subsequent universes, and a sense that unlimited music was ‘it’.

In the News

"Shakedown Street brings the Dead to life in Aspen" | Josh Rosen: I can hear it beat out loud
Stewart Oksenhorn | The Aspen Times | Aspen, Colorado


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